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Morgan folsom

I dedicate all that I make and create to the greatest inspiration of my life - my Mom. She is my Guardian Angel & my Guide. I know she is always by my side.

My Story

As a lifelong observer, my journey into the world of skincare began as I watched how healthy skin affected not only the mental health of an individual but played such an important role in physical health as well.

I grew up in an interracially blended family. For years I listened to the complaints of my brothers regarding their skin. With their African American heritage, the products on the market were either too greasy, or did not provide the moisture they needed. It was an endless battle to find skincare products that weren't filled with chemicals that achieved the results they desired.  This was the first motivating factor that started me exploring the world of skincare.

The second motivating factor in my skincare production journey occurred while working as a CNA. for seven years while working in the nursing industry, I witnessed how the products that were being used on my patients caused many unnecessary skin issues for them. Their skin often became dry, thin, and irritated, causing them discomfort at a time when they needed comfort the most. 

I made the decision to create body butters. I was intrigued by the way the various ingredients that compose body butters could be blended specifically for the needs of the people I wanted to support. The high concentration of of heavy moisturizers, such as shea butter, are ideal for dry, rough skin. Body butters are packed with heavier moisturizers and therefore tend to provide a more intense dose of hydration. They are great for richly replenishing the skin's moisture levels in rapid time. Body butter also tends to be higher in elasticity-boosting ingredients like fatty acids.

While I various combinations of butters worked wonders for my family members, I began making products that would be beneficial for my patients in their healing process. 

Through all of this I made the decision that my desire was to create a healthy, product that was universally applicable to people of all ages, races, in any stage of the health. With joy and gratitude I present to you body butters that are 100% plant based. I have 2 butter bases: a Cocoa Butter base and a Mango Butter base. Visit the product page for the full list of ingredients. Essential oils can be added upon request.

Clean skin care for healthy, glowing, soft skin

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