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Meet the Founder

    My background is as eclectic as my soul. I have adapted and expanded with the changes of my life but at my core I have remained dedicated and passionate to creating a beautiful life for myself and those around me. I am a creator, artist, Maiden, Mother, and Crone, living in rhythm with the seasons of Nature and Time.


    Ever since I was young, I have been inspired by nature; playing in the mud and in the oceans, long walks in forests engaged with the tress and animals that call the forest home. My reverence with Mother Earth began with a honeysuckle bush, long walks with my Grandfather in the Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia, and the love of my first cat – Midnight. Nature teaches us how to live with grace and change with the seasons if we allow ourselves to be open to her lessons.


    I have always been an artist, creating from sticks and stones, painting, drawing and sculpting with any and every material I could get my hands on. I would spend endless hours with my materials, my cat, and my thoughts, working through the aesthetic twists and turns of the creative process. I apply my passion for creativity in all that I do.


    While I found the educational system quite a bore, there were two academic subjects where I excelled. Science and Theology. I was enthralled with both the methodical and mythical. My quest for knowledge of how, and why, the rational and irrational, the mundane and sublime has never been quenched. 


    My adult years began with a Fine Arts degree in ceramics and sculpture. I relished in spending every moment embraced by the soothing feel of the clay and warmth of the kiln firing. As events in my life shifted, I became an Art Teacher, (a profession I loved for many years), sharing my love for clay with young creative minds.


    During my teaching career I transitioned and began studying massage therapy, aromatherapy, yoga and Ayurveda. By incorporating my knowledge of these systems, along with the wisdom and gifts from nature I designed practices and created products to assist in the healing of all those who came to me. I worked with clients living with chronic physical pain, health concerns and disease. I found great joy in creating customized essential oils and lotions, to aid them in their healing process and for many, sadly their end-of-life care.


    As my practices progressed, and my personal life went through major changes, I realized it was time for me to truly embrace the Old Ways of my Celtic and Hebrew background. An eternal alchemist - learning, experimenting, combining, and transforming has now brought to fruition a vision that has been years in the making. Through all of the experiences and adventures of my gypsy spirit, in a universe of unlimited possibilities; I am proud to bring you A’lainn Cottage. 

    Blessed Be,


    Jennifer Waldner


    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

    +1 843-804-3428

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